Recycled Road Map paper beads - 1 inch long

Recycled Road Map paper beads - 1 inch long

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This is a set of 5 handmade paper beads made from recycled Ordnance Survey maps. Each paper bead shows a small part of Britain - streets, roads, countryside, woods and topography.

The paper beads have a coating of ultra thick embossing powder and are tipped with gold embossing powder. Each bead is 1 inch long (approximately 2.5cm) and a quarter inch (6mm) thick. The hole is 2mm wide.

Please note that you will not get the exact beads in the photo. There may be some variation in the maps I use as each bead depends on the maps I have available. However,I do try to make the beads as similar to the ones shown here as possible and each bead is checked for quality before I send them out.

Please check out the Care Instructions page for further information on the beads.