Xmas delivery dates

Scottish winter sunset

Royal Mail’s recommended last posting dates for the UK (2018):
    Thursday, December 20 for first class mail

Last posting dates for packages sent to the following countries:
    Tuesday, December 4 - for Africa and the Middle East
    Friday, December 7 - for Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Malta and Eastern Europe (excluding Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)
    Saturday, December 8 - for the Caribbean and Central & South America
    Monday, December 10 - for Greece, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand
    Friday, December 14 - for the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Canada and USA
    Saturday, December 15 - for Finland and Sweden
    Monday, December 17 - for Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland and Spain
    Tuesday, December 18 - for Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

International Standard HM Forces Mail for British Forces Post Offices (BFPOs):
Monday, November 26 for operational BFPOs
Friday, December 14 for static BFPOs.

12th November 2018