Care instructions

Caring for paper beads

Please be aware that the paper beads are made from paper and a thin plastic coating. They are not strong enough to survive immersion in water. Neither will they take extreme violence like being stood on or bashed against a wall. However, with reasonable use and a little TLC* these paper beads will last for many years. I do my very best to produce a good quality product that will last. I have journals, bookmarks and jewellery that were decorated with beads many years ago and that look as good as the day I made them.

*TLC - Tender Loving Care


Caring for and using silk cord

Cutting into the silk cord may cause it to unravel a little. This is the nature of silk. If you dab a little glue onto the cord near the knot before you cut it off this will stop the fraying. You can use PVA glue, a dimensional glue like Diamond Glaze or Glossy Accents or even nail varnish. Let the glue dry then cut the knot off of the cord through the dried glue.

You can handwash the silk cord if necessary.