Autumn has been - and pretty much gone. The Scottish Borders has had so much wind recently, indlucing two storms, that as soon as the leaves turned gold they were blasted off the trees.However, after the very hot summer we had followed by some damp weather, the fruit on the trees and roadside bushes have been glorious.

dog rose rosehips scottish borders


Rosehips were more abundant that I have seen them in years - big, glossy, and juicy.

hawthorn berries scottish borders

Watercolour wildlife in miniature

This is actually a blog post that I wrote a few months back. Typically, I forgot to post it and was going to delete it. But, considering it contains some paintings of cute animals I thought I would go ahead and post it anyway. Only the bottom three paintings (otter, fox, and bee) are available for sale now.


I had been painting a few miniature wildlife portraits to get my hand back in to paintings on small scale. With the heat there was not a lot of other work going on. It is amazing how little I want to work when I get too hot. I much prefer a foot of snow on the ground.


Tips for helping wildlife in a heatwave

Scottish Border hills in summer


It has been horrifically hot here. So unusual for Scotland. I believe records were broken - once on Thursday when temperatures got to 31 degrees Celsius and was the hottest day in Scotland for 23 years, and again on Friday when they reached 32 degrees in Glasgow. Even the railway tracks were buckling.


Scottish border hills with gorse


Watercolour landscapes with a stormy feel

We have been having a few stormy days here recently. It has been wonderful! I love thunderstorms at the best of times but what they do to the landscape is make it a dramatic and exilarating place to be. With the sun peeping through the clouds and the darkness of the sky, parts of the hillsides lit up like a light shining on a stage. Of course, it inspired me to paint some little stormy landscape watercolours.

Miniature watercolour landscapes of Scotland

Darling Buds of May

Spring is pretty well past and, judging by the weather, the start of summer is under way. The buds have morphed into leaves and everything is a beautiful shade of green. However, I have to admit that I do love the freshness of spring. Some of the local trees have been putting on quite a show this year - first with spring colour and now with their early summer blooms. The following are some of the photos of the roadside trees I took this spring.


Hawthorn buds and leaves


Spring arrives in the Scottish Borders


I can't believe March has been and gone. It seems no time since Christmas. However, it has been a long and chilly winter this year. Unlike the previous few years where snowfall in my part of the Scottish Borders was a rarity. It is only April though. It is not unheard of to have snow in May - and in one case, we still had snow on the hills in July!

Scottish landscapes in watercolour

Scottish borders landscape

Pictures like the one above have always inspired me. I love to paint those dark brooding skies and the zingy grass covered hills. Living in the Scottish Borders I get to see this kind of scene a lot. However I also travelled throughout the rest of Scotland when I was a youngster. The only places I have not been are the far north and the islands.

Four watercolour paintings of scotland

Sneak peek of the nature journals

On 13th September 2004 I started writing down the things I was noticing on my daily walks with my dog, Sam. I jotted down if I met any wildlife, the things that showed the changes of season, anything and everything about plants, animals, the weather. Why? I had been reading The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden and I was inspired to make something similar. The illustrations started in January 2005 when my Mum bought me a fancy notebook, partially bound in leather. It was too good to use for just anything.

Nature journal of scottish wildlife and nature

Creative journal of an artist and craftsperson

Frost in the Scottish Borders

If you have dropped by my 'About Me' page then you will have gathered that I am an avid artist and crafter who lives in Scotland. The Scottish Borders to be precise. Every day I am surrounded by wonderful sights and curious sounds. The weather is ever changing and with it the countryside. It would be hard not to be inspired by what I see.


Butterfly in Scottish Borders

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